Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Plus Size Doula Connections

Plus Size Doula Connections, a project spearheaded by Jen McLellan who found her own doula's support invaluable during her own natural childbirth as a plus size mother, seeks to facilitate access between plus size expectant mothers and experienced doulas to help improve birth satisfaction, support and outcomes for this demographic.

Plus Size Doula Connections

Research has demonstrated that plus size women are at a higher risk of having a c-section than other expectant mothers. Having a doula present during childbirth has been shown to decrease that risk. Plus Size Doula Connections exists as an easy way for women to locate a doula who will not only advocate for their wishes during childbirth but to also provide access to one with prior experience supporting larger women.

My goal is to compile a comprehensive list of doulas from around the world that have experience working with women weighing more than 200 pounds. Together, we can support plus size women in hospitals where their wishes aren’t always honored and to link women birthing outside of a hospital with doulas who have experience working with larger women.

Doulas interested in participating please contact me at plussizebirth@gmail.com. Provide a picture of yourself, contact information, and your doula philosophy. This is free advertising! Also, if you’re a plus size woman who had a positive experience with a doula, please encourage them to get in touch with me.

To learn more go to www.plussizebirth.com and check out the project's Facebook page www.facebook.com/PlusSizeDoulaConnections

Please help spread the word to connect more moms with much needed doula support.


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