Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Product to Help with C-Section Recovery

A new product, Vitagel, is being used to assist mothers recovering from c-sections.

While I completely support minimizing recovery time and maximizing patient comfort and safety, I can't help but wonder if this new product will be used to market c-sections by downplaying the fact that c-section remains a major abdominal surgery that should be a last resort.

Only time will tell, but I can see the great potential for an increase in c-sections due to a public perception of safety and greater convenience due to a shorter, easier recovery time.

The answer isn't to take a product like this off the market, because all mothers should have access to the safest, quickest, most comfortable recovery possible, but to promote the evidence-based practices that reduce the incidence of c-sections and thus, the need for such a product.

This will be on my radar for 2009 - I'll be interested to see where it leads.


Sonya said...

I have gone through a natural birth without any type of anesthsia when I lived in Europe and now that I live in the States I am scared my doctor will push me into a c-section, it seems women are no longer able to birth naturally these days and this really scares me. I have also written an article about the reasons why c-sections have risen so much lately. Unfortunately so many women go through so much (sometimes unnecessary)recovery pain and possible complications, it is just crazy!

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