Friday, October 24, 2008

Petition for Preemies

The March of Dimes is sponsoring a Petition for Preemies as part of this October's Prematurity Awareness Month.

Prematurity is the leading cause of infant mortality in the US. The petition consists of 4 calls-to-action:

  • Increasing federal government support of research and data collection on prematurity, to discover the causes of prematurity, to test prevention methods, to improve outcomes and treatment options for premature infants, and to better understand the factors in premature birth

  • Expanding access to quality healthcare and devoting more resources to smoking cessation programs

  • Urging hospitals and physicians to voluntarily assess c-sections and inductions before 39 weeks to examine adherence to professional guidelines

  • Calling on businesses to support mother and infant health by respecting the March of Dimes' 14 recommendations.

To date, they have acquired 67961 signatures - what number is yours?


MoDBev said...

Thank you so much for posting our petition! You are trying to get the word out about the increasing rates of pre-term birth and our call to action to try and prevent it. How cool would it be if we could get 1 signature for every preterm baby born this year?

Catherine said...

It's my pleasure...every little bit helps.

It would be wonderful to get a signature to represent each premature baby - so c'mon people, start signing~

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