Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Study on Bonding and Natural Birth

Natural Birth May Aid in Infant Bonding

A new study conducted at Yale looked at the differences in maternal responsiveness to a baby's cry between mothers who gave birth naturally and those who chose an elective c-section and found that mothers who gave birth naturally were more responsive to their newborn's cries.

While the study is far too small to drawn any real conclusions, the results may peak more interest into research in the pitfalls of maternal-request cesarean section. Hopefully, some solid evidence will steer women away from making this decision lightly out of fear of labor or just plain old convenience.

While I don't personally agree with maternal request c-section, I still believe it is a valid choice that women should have, just as we should also have the right to homebirth with the provider of our choice.

What I don't believe is that insurance should have to pay for a maternal request c-section with no medical or emotional indications, since it is shown to increase the risks to both mothers and babies.

Unlike homebirth, which has been proven to be both a safe and cost-effective option, elective c-section can boast no such claims. This study is yet another piece of recent evidence that demonstrates the hidden risks of surgical birth.


Cindy Unger, NCTMB, CH, HBCE said...

And how many studies will have to be published before the public believes that natural birth is an ideal choice--best for both mother and baby?!

Thank you for posting this important information!

Catherine said...


The answer, I fear, will always be, "at least one more"...

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