Sunday, July 27, 2008

Benefits of Complementary Therapies During Childbirth

Women Benefit from Complementary Therapies During Childbirth

It's so refreshing to see natural methods for assisting childbirth being pursued, and in a hospital no less!

If you haven't checked out the article, two hospitals in Gloucestershire are providing natural therapies for labor support and comfort, including essentials oils, massage, and have actually provided trained staff to implement the program. In addition, these options are presented in pre-natal visits, so women are more aware of their options before labor arrives.

The most encouraging aspect in my mind is summed up nicely in this quote:

Some women say it's just like going to a spa rather than being in a clinical environment."

This statement represents a huge shift in the way most women think about childbirth. Just shifting a woman's perception about childbirth is a very powerful factor in how well her birth experience will progress. Women with negative perceptions about childbirth are already at a higher risk of complications due to the effect that mental and emotional stress can have on labor.

I'll be anxious to read their research once it's published. Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come....


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