Friday, February 8, 2008

Welcome to's Blog!

I've decided to expand to include a dedicated blog. I intend to use this blog as a vehicle for reporting the latest news and research in the field of childbirth and maternity care.

There has been a rash of new developments lately as public awareness of the sad state of modern obstetrics has received more mainstream media coverage and more legislation is being proposed to support midwifery services.

Check back often for updates or subscribe to my feed for up-to-the-minute posts.

Happy Birthing!


Lyssa Hamilton said...

I was so delighted to stumble across your site. I consider myself somewhat of an advocate for natural childbirth among my friends who are still of child bearing age.
I am the mother of four son's. I believe in birthing without drugs and in a peaceful environment, which were just becoming available in hospitals back then. I would have liked a mid wife but didn't know how to find one. My third child was an emergency c-section. I also gave birth to a daughter in 1973. 14 hours of hard labor, but refused the needles when the nurses came in the room. She live to day three.
I wish you much luck in spreading the world.

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